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Team MCR is a leading Greater Manchester charity passionate about DEVELOPING THE WHOLE CHILD* through physical activity, sport and life skills with the aim to make Manchesters’ children & young people the most active in Greater Manchester.

Manchester excels in the development and delivery of the National School Games with an extended reach to incorporate Sport, Health, Wellbeing, Personal and Workforce Development.

Manchester Schools PE Association (MPEA) established as a charity in 2018 but has developed and evolved in the School Sport network since School Sport Partnership and Sports College days’ back in 2002. Relationships are very important to us and have proudly and consistently engaged with in excess of 80% schools in Manchester. Our Board of Trustees have been integral to the growth and develop- ment of our Charity, all of whom come with a wealth of experience and knowledge in Education, Health, Sport, Finance and Marketing and have the ability to support and influence. This has enabled us, as a charity, to be well positioned locally, Greater Manchester wide and nationally.

Our charity closely supports National strategies in a local context, particularly, The Manchester Strategy, Manchester Health & Care Commission (working together for a Healthier Manchester), Department for Education, Sport England (Uniting the Movement), Youth Sport Trust (Believing in Every Childs Future) and Greater Sport (Changing Our Lives Together).


“Giving young people the right to access life chances, choices and skills through sport and physical activity”


To provide the young people of Manchester with a rich and diverse range of enrichment opportunities that promote physical activity, sport and wellbeing to make a life-long positive impact to them and their communities.


  • Ensure that MPEA supports and aligns with the recovery curriculum
  • Champion physical and mental wellbeing across the network
  • Provide a focus on equity and inclusion for young people and reduce inequalities
  • To champion lifelong skills to enhance the resilience and confidence of young people
  • Develop improved relationships with key stakeholders across Manchester and beyond
  • Broaden the reach of what we do by extending our programmes and working collaboratively with others
  • Explore appropriate funding opportunities to deliver our longer-term sustainability
  • To continually measure the impact of MPEA enrichment programmes and the benefits they provide for the young people in Manchester.

*Developing the Whole Child

Physical Development

Being active for at least 60 minutes a day supports young people to have immediate and long term health benefits.

Emotional Development

Sport and physical activity improves young people’s self-esteem, reduces stress, supports their mental wellbeing and builds their resilience.

Personal Development

Being physically active has a positive impact on young people’s personal development, such as developing their leadership skills and resilience.

Social Development

Providing a sense of belonging, enabling young people to develop their team work, communication, empathy and respect for others.

Be healthy, happy and active

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