TeamMCR works with Companies, Government, Charities and other organisations to address the needs of children and young people in Manchester.

Our partners contribute more than money. Their ideas, skills and expertise, volunteer power, in kind support and more are helping to build safer, happier and stronger communities.

If you would like to get involved with the charity and find out how you can support please get in touch.

Our partners

  • Manchester City Council
  • Healthy Schools
  • Youth Sport Trust
  • England Football
  • Greater Manchester Football
  • MCR Active
  • Greater Sport
  • Street Games
  • UK Active
  • GLL – better for everyone
  • Greater Manchester Moving
  • University Academy 92
  • Manchester Metropolitan University Sport 1824
  • 2022 Our Year
  • MPETT – Manchester PE Teacher Training
  • Wright Robinson College
  • Our Lady’s R.C. High School
  • William Hulme’s Grammar School
  • Wilbraham Primary

The Power to Inspire

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