School Games Inclusion Primary Swim Gala North City


18 April 2024    
10:00 - 12:00


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North Family Fitness Centre
Upper Conran Street, Manchester, M9 4DA

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EVENT School Games Inclusion Swim Gala
Date Thursday, 18th April
Time 10.00 – 12.00noon
Venue North City Family and Fitness Centre
Year Group Y5, 6
Further information The events will be:-

  • 10 Metres Dash Aided,
  • 25 Metres on Front Aided
  • 25 Metres on Back Aided

(For these events above, pupils can only enter either 10m or 25m, not both)

  • 10 Metres Dash Unaided
  • 25 Metres on Front Unaided
  • 25 Metres on Back Unaided

Each event will be broken down into the following three classifications;

  1. Physical Disability/Visually Impaired
  2. Severe Learning Disability
  3. Moderate Learning Disability/Emotional Behaviour Disorder/Hearing Impaired
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Risk Assessment 23/24




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