Secondary Teacher Training – Key insights from SE

Sport England have resources containing key insights and learning from their Secondary Teacher Training programme to share with SGOs.

Through the programme they have collated insight from students and teachers, showing how students feel about PE lessons, opportunities to be active at school, and how included they feel in the provision available to them. Sport England hope these insights and resources are useful for you and your work with schools.

Attached is a partner toolkit containing:

  • Infographics
  • Short videos
  • Case studies
  • Draft social media posts
  • Newsletter copy

They will share the resources via their social media channels over the coming weeks; any support you can provide to share with your networks would be appreciated. You are welcome to use these resources on your websites and in your work.

Background to the programme

The Secondary Teacher Training programme, delivered in partnership with the Association for PE, Youth Sport Trust and Activity Alliance, invested in c.70% of secondary schools across England. Through the programme, groups of schools were supported to access CPD opportunities and develop projects so that their PE, school sport and physical activity provision meets the needs of all their students. 

The research also talks about the importance of physical activity in schools, with a view to the benefits it has on the mental health of young people. According to Sport England:

  • More active students report an average happiness score of seven out of 10 (compared to just five out of 10 for less active students)
  • Almost three-quarters of students (69 per cent) agreed that being active helps them build resilience
  • More than half (62 per cent) agreed that it helps them make healthier life choices
  • More than half (59 per cent) said it improves their mental wellbeing
  • Nearly three-quarters (71 per cent) said it improves their mood

AfPE have a great webpage. For a quick view click here