Secondary Netball

Manchester Schools’ Secondary Netball League has a fantastic following with participation for all year groups to suit all standards. 

All Manchester Schools are invited to take part in the annual Netball programme, which commences in September every academic year. If you would like to take part or require any further details, please contact Simon Jones.

There are 2 different types of participation on offer and when entering, schools may select which is most appropriate. 

EXCEL:- League system which is competitive and results are recorded, creating league tables which are published via Koboca.  Teams are arranged into groups and play each other once or twice depending on the numbers entered.  The format is either a straight league, or where necessary divisions followed by crossover quarter finals, semi-finals and finals.  NB/ Excel leagues Y8-Y11 will also be organised based on the previous year’s league positions

INSPIRE:- This format is designed to encourage participation at a lower level of performance, There are no league tables or results published, however, results are kept for monitoring purposes only.  Teams are arranged into geographical Inspire Groups and schools can play as many or a few games as they wish, with the focus on enjoyment and participation, not the result. 

For Excel & Inspire, schools organise their own fixtures, agree venues and dates for fixtures to take place and agree officiating responsibilities.

Secondary Netball 2022-23

Teams will play each other once or twice depending on the number of teams entered. Click on the links below to see the results of each Excel division. The links will take you to the results site via Koboca.  

Year 7 teams have been split into 4 geographical groups; once group games are completed the top two teams from each group will go through to knockout stages. 

NB/ Inspire results are collected for monitoring purposes only, these are not published and will not appear on Koboca.

7Group A Excel
Group B Excel
Group C Excel
Group D Excel
11Group A Excel
Group B Excel

Historical Data

Back in 2018-19, 99 teams were involved, but participation was adversely affected during and straight after the “Covid” years. However, the appetite for Netball has grown since the 18-19 academic year as the data below shows:

The table below shows the number of teams taking part in Netball

Year 2018 – 20192019 – 20202020 – 20212021 – 20222022 – 2023

With each team averaging 10 players within their squad, we can safely estimate that there are 1250 girls playing Netball in our secondary schools. More than 340 fixtures will be played during the Autumn and Spring terms; with teams divided into 20 groups across the full 11-16 age range.